Martin Dittus · Featured work

Collective Sensor Networks

Research at the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis at UCL, from 2011-2012.

Dissertation: "The Cosm Sensor Data Set". The first assessment of a large volume of volunteer sensor data published on Cosm, an online platform for sensor data enthusiasts. This is highly heterogenous, geo-referenced, and tagged time series data, encompassing a large variety of observed phenomena, and its existence reveals a new potential to capture many of the earths's urban and environmental systems at unprecedented levels of detail.

Data streams of different sensor types in the Cosm sensor database

Term clusters in the Cosm sensor metadata

Talk: "DIY sensor networks: community-driven environmental monitoring", together with Tomas Diez at the Citizen Cyberscience Summit 2014. Summarising some of the research findings, and introducing the next-generation Smart Citizen kit.

DIY sensor networks: community-driven environmental monitoring

Paper: "Collective Sensor Networks: Structures, Outcomes, Promises and Shortcomings". Review of the emergent collaborative sensing practices of 2011, where distributed groups of volunteer enthusiasts took environmental measurements with DIY electronic sensors and published them in central repositories.